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Social Media Content Manager (Intern)

Key Information




12 Weeks

Hybrid working



Introducing Nimble, the UK’s award-winning child-friendly, laundry and cleaning brand, designed with parents’ needs in mind. British-made, the plant-based product range provides worry-free, effective cleaning for busy and anxious parents, navigating their way through the joyful chaos of parenthood. Fully vegan and fully biodegradable, Nimble products are safe for the family and the planet.

Nimble's product philosophy is all about simple science that simply works. Their products are not over-engineered nor over-formulated to avoid unnecessary chemicals that could be harsh to skin or be harmful to the environment. Their laundry and cleaning products use plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts, corn, and rapeseed. They are free from enzymes, dyes, and opacifiers (aka clouding agents) that can cause sensitive skin to flare up.

The 7-product range includes: Laundry Lover, Cuddle Lover, Nappy Lover, Sticky Stopper, Germ Zapper, Potty Cleaner and Milk Buster.


Nimble requires a Social Media Content Manager to assist the Marketing team to launch into 500 Tesco stores in early March, assist with a brand re-launch in early May, launch products in Asda in Sept and launch  a new product category in September.

We require someone who can:

  • support all ongoing campaign events

  • create engaging social media content based on the existing content strategy

  • incorporate 20+ small brands into a viral campaign

  • increase the number of followers, engagement rate, etc

  • develop a loyal following of micro influencers for user generated content (UGC) & to support campaigns


  • extremely creative on social media

  • able to think out-of-the-box and challenge the conventional

  • a self-starter that doesn’t need supervision

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