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Launch Your Career with a Life Changing Internship 

We believe that both interns and companies benefit greatly from well run internship programmes.  For university students in particular, an internship with us offers a unique opportunity to compliment their studies and launch their professional careers.

Finding a good internship programme in the UK can be difficult if you do not have the right  connections. For international students it is even more difficult to find an internship. At Intern Circle we specialise in finding high quality internships for International students living and studying  in the UK.  

Gain International Working Experience in the UK 

If you are studying for a Bachelors or Masters degree at a UK University, or writing up a research degree, we can place you with a UK company which is related to your preferred industry  sector. You will gain valuable working experience in the UK and also kick start your international career.

Our internships are highly flexible and we ensure that your company placement fits perfectly  around your life, study and examination schedule. You can work part-time for 15, 20, or 30 hours  per week or full-time during term break. We can secure an internship for you which will:  

Improve English Language Skills 

Develop 21st Century Work Skills 

 Provide Professional Coaching and Mentoring

Improve Career Knowledge and Prospects

Provide International Work Experience 

Develop Industry Contacts & Secure an Employment Reference 

For more information about becoming and intern, register with us today. We will contact you in  your preferred language and talk you through all the options available to you.

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