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Shanghai Based Full-time International Tutor (English/Mathematics)

Key Information


Shanghai, China


1 Year




We are a private international school based in Shanghai. We are looking for a young graduate teacher with teaching experience for a paid role teaching English / Mathematics. A generous salary of 400,000RMB-500,000RMB per year. We also provide housing allowance of 8,000 RMB per month, 96,000RMB per year and round trip flights to the home country each year.


One-to-One Tutoring:

- Assess individual student needs and tailor lessons accordingly.

- Provide personalized instruction in mathematics and/or science to ensure understanding and mastery of concepts.

- Monitor and track student progress, providing regular feedback and adjustments to instructional techniques.

Small Group Classes:

- Conduct small group classes, ensuring interactive and engaging learning experiences.

- Utilize diverse teaching strategies to cater to different learning styles within the group.

- Foster a positive learning environment that encourages participation and collaboration.

Curriculum Development and Planning:

- Design and implement lesson plans aligned with curriculum standards.

- Incorporate innovative teaching methods and educational tools to enhance learning.

- Collaborate with other educational staff to ensure coherence and continuity in instruction.

Administrative Duties:

- Maintain accurate student records, including assessments, attendance, and progress reports.

- Communicate regularly with parents or guardians to provide updates and address concerns.

- Participate in professional development opportunities and staff meetings.


-Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in relevant subject

-2+ years teaching or tutoring experience

-Residing in Shanghai


-Experience working in an international school in China

-Familiar with UK private school entrance examinations(ISEB Pre-test, 11+, 13+, UKiset)

-Experience teaching students of all age groups

-Graduated from acclaimed university (Ivy League, Russel group, etc)

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